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How do I add new members to the company?
How do I add new members to the company?
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There are two ways of adding new members to the company.
Note: only company owner and company admins have rights to invite people.

Here is the first option:

  • Click Invite Members

  • Type an email or some of them if you want to add many members at once.

  • Assign them Roles

  • Specify name of Boards you want to add new members to. 

You can also invite members through the invitation link:

  • Click Invite Link 

  • Click Create Link

After that you can copy a link and send it to your team. 

Here's a second way for adding new teammates:

  1.  Open Company Settings

2. Choose Members tab   

3. Click Invite Link or Invite Members (depending on what it's more convenient for you)

And the third option is to click 'Invite to Hygger' on the Global Menu. The next steps will be the same as for the first option.

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