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Is Hygger a project management solution?
Is Hygger a project management solution?
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Project manager and product manager roles both require different skills and tools, although they often used interchangeably. Hygger is the solution for both roles.

Product Management vs Project Management 

People often confuse the managers, especially in IT industry. Here're the main responsibilities of both managers:

  • Product managers care about the development of products and prioritize initiatives. They are responsible for strategic decisions. Sometimes they are considered to be the CEO of the product line.

  • Project managers usually oversee the execution of plans that have already been developed and approved.

Product management and project management strategic software are also differ.

Each designed for a different type of role and to help address different business needs.

  • Software for product managers helps to organize, develop, and communicate the product strategy.

  • Tools for project management goals assist project managers in tracking the execution of the strategy. 

Hygger proposes great sets of features for both product managers and project managers. 

Product management tools help to set up strategic goals, while project management services help to execute them.

Hygger features for product management

Product managers appreciate friendly Roadmap that can be shared with all team members. It provides you with the high level perspective of what will happen over time, by specifying major releases, projects, and initiatives. Using Hygger, you can create Product Roadmap easily without extra efforts.

Maintaining a Product Backlog is also a part of product management. It is a storage for ideas, customers requests, and requirements for your product. It helps to prioritize and order the ideas and plan iterations easily. How to maintain Product Backlog when it rapidly grows? Find out in Hygger tutorial.

In Hygger you can set up Value and Efforts parameters for each idea. Comparing Value and Efforts combination of each task helps to prioritize tasks better and choose the most important ones for development.

Backlog is visually represented by Kanban with a Backlog Priority Chart. With this chart you may optimize product priorities by defining important and less important tasks.

4 special segments are available on this chart:

  • Time Sinks for the tasks that are not worth working on at the moment.

  • Maybes for tasks that do not bring a lot of value but are easy to implement. 

  • Big Bets for the tasks that can bring a lot of value but are as well hard to implement.

  • Quick Wins - the tasks are valuable and quite easy to implement.

Hygger features for project management 

Project managers can find friendly Kanban and Scrum boards in Hygger. They look not simplified as Trello boards, and not as complicated as Jira offers. Read our detailed tutorials about how to do Scrum  and how to run Kanban projects with Hygger software.

If you need to limit the number of current tasks, you may easily use WIP limits (work in progress limits option). This Hygger feature can be crucial for determining bottlenecks.

Horizontal columns known as Swimlanes are also the advantage of Hygger for project managers. Developers can use Swimlanes that can be visualized as Blockers (the most urgent issues), current Tasks and Bugs and Someday Swimlane (tasks that will likely never be implemented).

Burndown chart is a smart dashboard for teams that are running sprints.

Hygger Time Tracking report assists to collect all worklogs across all the projects for all employees and track the hours spent on tasks and projects.

Time tracking option is also available. With its help you may track all time frames required.

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