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March 1, 2018 Release
March 1, 2018 Release

My tasks, Tasks Browser, No more column type restrictions, Quick Filters on Roadmap and Backlog, Status icons and Add Task on Backlog chart.

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Just check out updates in Hygger:

  • My Tasks feature

  • Tasks Browser

  • No column types restrictions

  • Roadmap board updates

  • Backlog chart updates

 My Tasks

Now you can easily get a quick access to all tasks assigned to you through My Tasks feature in a search bar.

Tasks Browser

Browse any tasks by members, projects, boards, their statuses and due date.

No more column type restrictions

Remember the time when you had to have at least one column of each type (To Do; In Progress; Done) on a board? Forget about it. Now you can create as many columns of the same type as you want. Or maybe you’d like to have an empty board without columns at all? Not sure how that may be useful but you are welcome to do that.

Note: this update applies to Backlog, Kanban and Roadmap boards.

Roadmap board: Quick Filters

You can use quick filters for instant search of tasks on Roadmap board now. Besides the basic set of filters which includes:

  • Recently Updated

  • My Tasks

  • Overdue Tasks

  • Members

  • Labels

We have also added a new ‘Statuses’ filter. Sort tasks on a Roadmap by their development stage: To Do; In progress or Done.

Roadmap board: Status icons

We have simplified tasks’ statuses tracking by displaying status icons on Roadmap board. Track task’s development stage by viewing the icon near its name.

   To Do status

    In Progress status

 Done status


Backlog chart: Quick filters

Backlog Chart is upgraded with filters too! Not only can you use all the standard ones but also such filters as:



Note: this filter appears in case there are swimlanes on a Backlog board.

– Statuses: select tasks with a certain development stage. You can also select several statuses types at the same time.

Backlog chart: Add Task

Now you can easily add new tasks for the groups with the same Value and Effort estimates right on Priority Chart.

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