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A tool for converting a value proposition into a selling title

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Each product should contain a value proposition. Product managers often have to deal with writing or compiling selling content that positions their product.

The ability to write selling texts is not a unique talent. In this case, special techniques and methods help. One of them is 4U headlines technique.

4U is a tool for converting a value proposition into a selling title.

  • Define and specify your product's value proposition

  • Highlight the usefulness

  • Add ultra-specificity, urgency and uniqueness

And that's it!

Is this still sounds complicated? Here's a brief explanation:

What does 4U formula mean?


Urgency in headlines persuades clients to interact with a product or do additional acts: to open an email, click on a post, buy an ebook, and so on. Urgency concept helps readers apply the usefulness factor to solve problems or reach goals faster.

Example: Clean and manage your product backlog in just two grooming sessions with Hygger.io. 


People appreciate novelty. Uniqueness differs your product from competitors.

Example: How to manage your products without Jira and Trello?


Understanding what will be useful to your clients is a part of understanding who they are and what they desire. 

Think about the essential question: If your product isn’t useful, why should customers use it? Any product can be unique, ultra-specific, and urgent without being useful.

However, the usefulness helps to involve clients. Your objective is to offer a benefit, solve a problem, or provide value to your customers.

Example: 5 advantages of Hygger Roadmaps for achieving companies’ success.


The more specific your information is, the more useful it will be for clients. Numbers are one of the ways to get ultra-specific headline. 

Example: 13 benefits of Kanban for software development

When you put these U-elements together, you’ll find you come up with great headlines.

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