Exciting news – now you can create links between tasks!

With a help of Task Link you can:

  • Indicate which tasks are linked to each other

  • See types of dependency between tasks

Updated Backlog Push Behavior

When you push a task from your Backlog to execution (to Sprint or Kanban boards) a special link is created between them. Once the task is implemented and moved to Done column then the original task on Backlog board is automatically moved to Done column too. For example, you push 2 tasks from Backlog, one to Frontend board, another one – to Backend board, they will be moved to Done column on the Backlog only in case both of pushed items are completed.

Although we have preset tasks links you are free to edit them or add any new connection types to the tasks.

There are the following preset task links types which you can find in the company settings by opening General tab:

Each type of tasks’ connection, except ‘Pushed To – Pushed From’ link, can be modified or removed by hovering a cursor over the right part of the task ’s connection name.

To create a new connection type between tasks click “Add New Link Type” on General tab in Company Settings.

Any connection between tasks is two-sided. That means that a connection can have an outward link and inward link. Describe a new connection type in these fields.

To add a Task Link to the task, open its menu and choose a corresponded option:

Click a vertical three dots icon on the right part of the link type. Choose Edit.

Describe a new connection type in the Outward Link Description and Inward Link Description.

Click a vertical three dots icon on the right part of the link type. Choose Delete.

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