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May 29, 2018 Release
May 29, 2018 Release

Google Drive and GitLab Integrations, Collapse/Expand Swimlanes and more

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Google Drive Integration

Besides your PC you can upload files directly from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Open a task, click a clip icon and select "Google Drive". Log into your account if you aren't already, and select your files. There’s no need to make additional movements. Those files will be already attached to a task.

GitLab Integration

Gitlab is an online Git repository manager with a wiki, issue tracking, CI and CD. It is a great way to manage git repositories on a centralized server. With the help of the integration between Hygger and GitLab, you can automatically attach your commits and merge requests directly to Hygger tasks.

Story Points In A Column Header 

Now you can see the total amount of Story Points of each task from a column in its header. Besides, you can see the total amount of estimated hours and task. Switch between those indicators with one click.  

Add Task To Checklist

Besides usual items, you can also add tasks from various boards to checklist fields. Just click Add a task below checklist items, start typing task's name and the system will give you corresponded suggestions.

Copy Link For Task’s Attachments

Now you can refer to a file that is attached to a task whenever you need - in a task, comment or in slack. Just use Copy Link option for that. 

Easy Version Сreation

We know that it was quite exhausting to create a version before when you needed to go Project Settings to do that. Our solution for that is adding ability to create a version right from the task.

Export data

Download all your company data (tasks, columns, boards, projects, collections, users, versions) through Company Settings. Attachments are not included. All data will be saved in JSON format.

Saved Filters 

In case you switch from one board to another one don’t be worry about the filters that you’ve set. They all will be saved even after you leave a board.

Add Task, Board, Project With A Click

 Quickly add new task, board or project right from the header of a webpage. No matter if you are on the Company Settings page or reading updates on Overview, you can add new items in just 2 clicks.

Add Attachments To Comments

Need to send a screenshot or an Excel report while having a discussion with your team in a task? Simply attach a file to your comment. Yes, you can do that. 

Markdown in comments 

Format your text in comments:







Quick Add Column

Quickly create a new column with a double click on any free space on the board.

Collapse/Expand All For Swimlanes 

Have multiple swimlanes on a board? You can expand and collapse them all with one click. 

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