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January 16, 2018 Release
January 16, 2018 Release

Invite members by link, Recent Tasks in global search and Tasks counter/Estimate counter.

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Invite people to Hygger with a link

Now you can invite people to your company just by sharing a special link with them.

In order to invite people with a link please follow these steps:

  1. Open Company Settings by clicking your user icon

  2. Choose MEMBERS tab

  3. Click Invite Link button

Recent Tasks in global search

Having struggles with a quick access to recent tasks? Just go to the global search where you will see all tasks that you’ve opened lately.

Tasks counter/Estimate counter

Now with the task counter you will be able to see a total number of tasks in a column/swimlane. That will help you to understand the scope of work.

By switching to the estimate time counter you will have an opportunity to monitor estimated working time in a column/swimlane. For example, before you push the tasks to a sprint.

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