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July 10, 2018 Release
July 10, 2018 Release

Board templates, Integration with Harvest, List of project’s members and iCalendar

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We are excited to introduce to you new things that will make your experience from working with Hygger much easier. 

Boards Templates

Board templates will demonstrate you the examples of different processes which you can use to start working with Hygger faster. Instead of spending time on creating the canvas for your working process, spend that time focusing on the work in the first place. We have prepared variety of templates for different departments. You can customize each of them according to your needs.

Harvest Integration

The integration with Harvest timer will help you track time for any task without leaving Hygger. Now you can track how much time is spent on each task. They are also linked from your Harvest timesheet, so it’s easy to see how much time you’ve tracked from Hygger. 

Easy Adding Members Process

We know the steps of adding members to a task were quite cumbersome before. We heard your feedback and have simplified it. Now there’s no need to add your colleagues on a board so you could add them to a card. They will automatically be new board’s members once you assign them a task.


Do you have any deadlines today? What about tomorrow? Next week? 

If you can’t readily see your deadlines, things can be escape your attention, or you can get overloaded. With Hygger, you can see tasks and projects on a calendar to help you manage your time.

With the help of integration of Hygger and iCalendar, you can:

  • Schedule tasks by specifying due dates and make sure that no deadlines are missed

  • Get a notification in your calendar about the event before the due date comes.

Open the Board Menu at the top right and select Export. Press it and you'll get "Sync to Calendar" option.

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