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August 10, 2018 Release
August 10, 2018 Release

Advanced Scoring, Mark as Done, Quick tasks actions, Copy/Paste images into a task, Colors on the Roadmap board, Board Templates.

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Hygger is ready to amaze you with its new features!

Advanced Features Scoring

We are happy to launch a new prioritization method which will help you to make better product decisions.

You can create the board with new prioritization method from template to see it in action: Click "+" in the header, then "Board by Template", then click on "Prioritization" on the left and finally choose "Advanced Prioritization Backlog" board.

As you know, Hygger has Value/Effort prioritization which helps you to evaluate a feature by its value and efforts. 

Now you can evaluate features by your own criteria.

It works in the following way:

  • you create your own criteria, each of it can have its own scale (0..10, any number, t-shirt size, USD, yes/no); 

  • you set weights for each criterion;

  • then you evaluate features by these criteria, so each feature is getting the score;

  • we show you the table with a list of all features so you can choose the winners;

  • you Push features to Kanban or Scrum boards for development.

You are welcome to read how we perform our product backlog prioritization

Also, soon we are launching the two more prioritization techniques: RICE prioritization and ICE prioritization.

So stay tuned.

Copy and Paste images into a task

Tired of browsing your disk’s folders in search of screenshots? Nevermore! Now Hygger makes it in a way easier:  you copy the image to the clipboard, open the task pop-up and press on Ctrl+V (Cmd+V for OS X). Well done - your image attached to the task. 

Mark as Done

You have just completed your task, and you are going to receive a portion of dopamine. But wait - you should drag and drop your task to the world's end - to the Done column.

So we speeded up the process - now it's two clicks action - you click on the three dots menu and then choose "Mark as done". Now get your dopamine, have some fun!

Colors on the Roadmap board

Now you can group tasks on the timeline by colors. Just roll the mouse over the task bar,  you will see the color palette icon for choosing colors. Also, we show you the status of tasks using the bar's transparency.

Edit tasks without opening

You don't need to open task anymore to make these actions:

  • assign members;

  • add labels;

  • mark as done;

  • copy/move/subscribe;

  • archive and delete.

Just click on the pencil icon on task card and voila.


Board Templates

We have added more templates to make your workflow more productive. You do not need to waste your time on creating the board. You can use the template and customize it according to your needs.

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