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Hygger Shortcuts
Hygger Shortcuts

The list of of base actions which are possible to do with shortcuts.

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  Using keyboard shortcuts can help you not only to increase your productivity but also keep you focused. The shortcut is an easier way to manage your tasks and actions.

 There is the list of Hygger shortcuts:

1. Navigate cards                                                                                        ← ↑ → ↓

By using the arrow keys you can easily navigate through tasks on the board.

2. Open the Projects/Collection List                                                               b

Press the key ‘b’ to open the left Menu. When you open it, the cursor will be on the search bar. Now you can find the project, collection or board you need. 

3. Open the Board Menu (the Board Settings)                                              w

Pressing the ‘w’ key can open you the board settings. 

4. A Global Search                                                                                             /

To see the tasks list of colleagues or the tasks assigned to yourself, click ‘ /’ key to open the Advanced Search. Filters will help you to find the task you are looking for. 

5. The Quick Task Actions                                                                                e

Hovering mouse over a card and then clicking ‘e’ will open quick task actions. 

6. The Quick Task Actions - Due Date                                                            d

Want to add due dates to the task? Just click ‘d’ key and choose the date. 

7.  The Quick Task Actions - Members                                                            m

To assign a user to a task, click ‘m’ and choose that person from the list of the Project or Board Member. Clicking a member’s icon will assign or unassign that person.

8.  Archive task                                                                                                   c

Pressing ‘c’ will archive a card.

9.  Open task                                                                                                    Enter

Pressing ‘enter’ will open the selected task pop up.

10. Create new task                                                                                           n

Pressing “n” opens a pop-over that allows you to add a task above the currently selected card or column.

11. Assign or unassign yourself from the task                                             Space 

Now you can easily assign a task for yourself by pressing on ’Space’. The same way is to unassign yourself from a task.

12. Subscribe/Unsubscribe a task                                                                    s

To get notified about every change you can subscribe to a task. By pressing ‘s’ key you can subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from a task.  

13. Move a task to another column                                                               , . < >

Now there are no multiple steps to move your tasks.  Pressing ‘,’ or ‘.’ will move a card to the bottom of the neighboring left or right column. Pressing the left or right angle brackets (< and >) will move a card to the top of the neighboring left or right column.

14. Edit title                                                                                                          t 

When the task is opened, you can edit the task title by pressing ‘t’ key. 

15. Close Pop up, Menu, Edit field                                                              Escape

Clicking on ‘Escape” close the boards, menu and other fields you edit. 

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