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September 10, 2018 Release
September 10, 2018 Release

2x2 Prioritization Matrix, Сustom Axes, Background colors, Shortcuts, Branded Workspace, The Work week Settings & Comment Auto-Save.

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2x2 Prioritization Matrix and custom axis

Each company has its own way to prioritize and evaluate each task. Hygger provides several prioritization types with Value and Effort axis. Now you can create your own and do not bother yourself with Value and Efforts. For example, you can use axis the “Important - Not important” and ”Urgent-Not Urgent” as in Eisenhower Matrix or name it as Value/Risk (as prioritization method of Mike Cohn) and etc. 

Additionally, we add several estimation values for the scoring, such as:

  • 0..100;

  • Kind of Fibonacci numbers - 1/2/3/5/8/13/20/40/100;

  • T-Shirt Size - S/M/L/XL/XXL;

To change the estimation values or axis, you can open the board menu and name it according to the prioritization method you are using. 

Please note, when you change the scale type, the previously made evaluation will be reset. It happens as the different scale types have a different evaluation criterion (0-100, T-shirt sizes or Fibonacci numbers).

Background colors

By default, Hygger had a blue background not everyone likes it. Now there are 9 different colors to make Hygger more appropriate for your team or your taste & style. Besides that, you can use it to differentiate boards from each other. The color can be changed by anyone who is assigned to the board.


If you are tired of multiple steps to assign a member to a task or to close the task pop up, shortcuts are made for you. It provides you the faster way to manipulate activity on the board. Here is the short list of basic actions which are possible to do with shortcuts:

  • moving task by arrow keys;

  • opening the task pop up with Enter;

  • opening the quick task actions and so on.

Here the full list of Hygger Shortcuts.  

Branded Workspace

If you want to personalize your workflow not only by changing the color background, you can add the logo on the header.  To do it, let’s open the General page of the Company Settings and click the Choose the image. 

The settings of the first day of a work week

By default, Hygger’s week starts from Sunday. Now you can change the first day of the week. The changes will affect the calendar for start and due dates. 


Comments Auto-save

What if you tap the comment and accidentally close the task pop up?  The comment will be saved. When you reopen the task, you will see the written comment. You do not need to rewrite it anymore. 


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