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Easy mathematics: Hygger vs Trello vs Jira
Easy mathematics: Hygger vs Trello vs Jira
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Still considering between several agile project management systems and your main hesitation is about pricing?  Oh, that's a common situation. And let us help you with that.
Let’s consider an example team of 15 members that aimed to the annual plan. 

Hygger vs Trello

Trello account with the ability to connect with app integrations (Business Class) costs $9,99 per user. 

Corello integration for creating Scrum and Kanban dashboards costs from $ 39 /month for the team of 12 (that's a minimum plan, even if you have 5 members or less). Each additional user will cost you 5$.   

Elegantt chrome extension with full functionality, that helps you with visualizing your roadmap into Gantt Chart costs from 5$ per user. 

And, if you want time tracking, you can integrate Everhour for 5$/member/month. 

In this way, Trello for month will cost you:

9,99$*15 + (39$+5*3) + 5$*15 +5$*15 = 353.85$/month per 15 users (Trello)

With the same but native functionality set (and even more!) you will get Hygger starting from 7$ per user per month. The big additional feature that will save you even more time and money is prioritization (2x2 prioritization matrix, ICE, RICE and Weighted scoring). 

The overall monthly amount for Hygger will be:
7*15 = 105$/month per 15 users (Hygger)

So, compare by yourself 😉

Hygger vs Jira

Jira price for one user starts from 7$ for teams with 10+ members. 

Easy Agile Roadmap integration will cost you 3,5$ per team member. 

Tempo Timesheet time tracking software will cost you 37,5$ for the team of 15. 

So, for the team of 15 members, Jira will cost you: 

7$*15 + 15$*3,5 + 37,5$ = 195$/month per 15 users (Jira)

For the same team, Hygger will cost you: 

7$*15 = 105$/month per 15 users (Hygger)  

And, of course, all of the features described above are already included. 

We described you the only one frequent use case of effective using of product management system. There may be many other variations customized specifically for your own goals. 

The decision is on you, but you can always drop us a message and we will help you to make it. 

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