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Startup Vision Pyramid

Special system for the development of startup products

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Startup vision pyramid is a special scheme created by Sean Ellis, that represents the main stages of building, developing and promoting of startup products. Formed as a simple triple pyramid, this system helps product owners and other specialists that are involved in the product development to understand their further actions and tasks related to their startup projects.

The main purpose of startup vision pyramid is to make the entire project development process more logical and consistent. Every layer of the pyramid is a working stage that contains its personal set of necessary activities and goals in order not to stop the development of the project.

The view of startup vision pyramid

This system has a classical three-level pyramid structure, as follows:


The base of the pyramid is ‘Product/Market fit’: it implies a commercially perfect situation when the product meets all the needs of relevant market. That is, the features and functionality of the product are able to satisfy the consumers. Such a condition is achieved by means of a careful customer needs analysis, state of markets and the future trends in the product sphere. This layer is considered to be the basis of the entire creation of the product and the key element to its future success. It is critical to turn a certain idea into such a product that not only combines all the necessary functionality, but also is capable of making people fall in love with it.

The upper level named ‘Transition to growth’ what consists of many activities that are aimed at a qualified analysis of the current business model of the product in order to change or improve it. There specialists review those product features that are considered to be the most acceptable by customers, i. e., this stage is a direct focus on the successful peculiarities of the product, the correction of its defects and getting rid of unnecessary functions. It is a very important step for the product, when it goes from the startup form to the self-sufficient business with its personal way of development. Otherwise, the product is doomed to stay in the state of a certain beginner level and have the eternal startup action pattern. 

The top layer that is briefly called as ‘Growth’ means the pronounced success of the product, the achievement of the most desired business results. There it is possible to identify the clear trend to the growth of demand, nett profit and even the amount of offered investment. The startup company becomes the consistent and independent enterprise that is ready to survive in the relevant market world. It should be noted that this stage has no limits - it should look like a constant gradual growth of the company.

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