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Scrum Project Management Scenario
Scrum Project Management Scenario

The scenario of each of the work cycles in Scrum

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Scrum, as one of the popular project management techniques, is quite versatile and can be used in software development, marketing, construction, and other spheres and industries. 

The accurate structure of work when each employee executes their own tasks in accordance with their competence and duties is the key Scrum benefit that drives its popularity.

What is the typical Scrum PM scenario of each of the work cycles when a project begins?

Scrum project management scenario


During this initial stage, a development team receives some tasks from the project manager, who has received them from customers. 

Team members start planning which of these tasks are the most important and relevant, they prioritize and determine them for the development during the current sprint. The PM together with the team estimates the amount of the whole work demand for a particular sprint.


The development stage is about the process of work execution that usually goes orderly and consistently. All team members perform parallelly. Programmers write code, a front-end developer creates the design, a QA makes the tests, and a project manager tracks the conditions and terms of the whole work. 

In order to avoid schedule overruns, it's not recommended to add new tasks into the already packaged sprint.


The release stage is the moment that summarizes the whole sprint work. Developers are able to provide a finished product to the customer. The project manager is ready with the product presentation. The general meeting is held. 

This is the stage when all the results of the complete work become evident. All the team may assess real product effectiveness and usefulness.


The retrospective meeting is aimed to combine all feedback. All team members come together and have productive discussions related to some problem that occurred during the development process. 

This part of Scrum project management work provides a good chance to find new ways of problem-solving and to get more thanks to the working experience shared by all the people in the team.

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