Lesson 1. Introduction
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Hygger is a tool which helps you to organize your teamwork and define the most valuable tasks for your project. 

"This software is easy to get in to, unlike a large number of project management tools. It has enough features to be useful but doesn't burden me down to enter mass volumes of information (unless I wanted to)". - James E. (Geospatial Solutions Consultant)

You have so many plans, the number of activities and ideas on how your project can be developed. Hygger is a place where you can gather all of it. Beside it, you can prioritize it and track the idea development. Instead of using different tools for different departments, you can use Hygger for all of it. 

"Hygger enables me to allocate minor and major work tasks to other staff members who work remotely. It automatically creates a process for each task that ensures the tasks are done correctly". -G.Fyans

After all, Hygger is a cozy home for your projects. Imagine that your project is a house, a big house which you are building. You need to establish the basis - set up the goals, define ideas on how to reach these goals. You have ideas, but which of them will bring you more profit. The roof is your budget, while walls are different departments who help you to build up your project. You need to make sure that they get the job done, and they have a place to communicate with each other.

Materials you use for the building are your tasks. Everything depends on the quality of this material. We need to admit to ourselves that there are many tasks that you are missed or forgotten. So Hygger solves all of these problems and gathers everything under its roof.

To simplify the setting of working processes, we made this short course of lessons to teach you about the basic skills - to work with tasks. We will get to know with it on simple examples - tasks, which can be created by administration and employees.  

After some time of using Hygger, you’ll find out that the skills you gain during this course will be helpful for you any time you’ll use Hygger. The course is not complicated and consists of 9 lessons that can be completed in one shot. Also, there is a short video tutorial that can help you to set up the working process in Hygger: 

As you may notice, we already finished the first lesson and ready to move further. Here the last thing we’d like to mention: Task is a basic element of Hygger and can be assigned to Regular Employee and Company Admin or Owner.

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