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Hygger Course №1 - The first day in Hygger
Lesson 3.How to add members to your company
Lesson 3.How to add members to your company
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Registration in Hygger differs from those on social media. On social media as soon as you made registration, you can find your colleagues, friends, or relatives. 

When you register in Hygger for the first time, you will create a company account. It means that you create a ‘private club’ and you are ‘Owner’ of this club. Nobody sees your company until you invite them to it. Company unites your teams, processes, and projects. Whether you are a small startup or an established SaaS company, a digital agency or a game development company, connect everything and everyone in one Company.

Owner is a person who creates the company and manages its work. This person can edit or delete a company account. It’s important that one of company management creates the company, so if you delete an employee, it won’t affect the work in Hygger.

During the registration, Owner gives the company a name, usually the name of the company where they are working. According to this name, you’ll be given the domain which duplicates the company name. If it is already used, it’ll be added the number. 

For example, if you name a company as ‘Inc’ and it’s free, your domain will be ‘inc’. 

If you don’t like the proposed domain, you can type one you prefer and if it’s free, you can use it for company link. 

To enter your company, please, use the domain with - 

You create your account and customize boards samples in accordance with company/team’s needs. Now you are ready to invite your first colleague.  

There are 2 ways to invite your colleagues: by link or by invitation on email.  

  1. Invitation on email. 

First of all, open the Global Menu or click on the ‘Invite Members’ button on the header. 

You’ll see the pop up to invite your colleagues. 

Type your colleague’s email, choose their role and the boards they will have access. Then click ‘Invite’. Your colleague will receive a letter with an invitation to the mentioned email. 

2) Invitation by the link.   

The first step is the same: you click on the Invite Members on the header and the pop up will appear. 

To get an invitation link click on the same named button on the pop-up. 

Then click on Create Link and send it to your teammates. 

You can manage the list of Members on the Company Settings=>Members.

If your team member invited you to join Hygger, follow the link in the email, complete your account info and join your Company in Hygger.

Only Company Admin or Owner is skilled to invite new members. 

It happens that the Team leader doesn’t know how to invite users to a company and says: “Now we are working in Hygger, you should register!” Employees enter and register their own company instead of getting to the already created company. 

If you are in such situation - don’t worry. 

Probably, you weren’t explained what you should do. Ask your Team Leader to add you to the company account in the Members section of the Company Settings. If they do it correctly, you’ll receive a letter with the invitation to the company. Follow the link from this letter, enter your email and start working with your colleagues.  

If you register your own company, you can use the same credentials for both companies - it’s possible in Hygger.  

If each of the employees knows the company URL (as in the example above), his credentials - it means that Team Leader did everything right and the team can work in one information space.  

When you invite colleagues to the company, before they confirm the invitation, they will be on the list of Unconfirmed Users. As soon as they enter the company, they will be redirected to Active Users List. 

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