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Hygger Course №1 - The first day in Hygger
Lesson 5. How to assign members to a task
Lesson 5. How to assign members to a task
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Phew! The complicated part is over. You figured out how to invite your colleagues and how to create a task, now it’s time to assign them to a task. It’s time to work.

When you assign a person to a task, it means that you make someone responsible for the task completeness. You may set up the start or due date, but the assigned user will be responsible for the task completeness. 

First of all, you may open the Global Menu and choose the board you need. For example, Kanban board. 

Now we should choose one of the tasks on it and open. As we are at the beginning, we will choose a task from To Do column. 

One of the differences between other project management tools and Hygger is that you can assign more than one user to a task.  

There are 4 ways to assign members to a task on the board:

  • Add member while you are typing the task title 

When you are typing the task title add @ + the colleagues name. Once the task is created, the chosen member will be automatically assigned to the task. 

  • Plus icon on the task

Open the chosen task to assign your first member. Under the button Add, you may notice the plus icon. 

Click on it and choose user or users you need. 

  • By using Pencil icon and Quick Task Actions.

When you mouse over the task, you can notice the pencil icon in the corner. If you click on it, you will see so-called Quick Task Actions. Quick Task Option helps you to edit your tasks without opening it. It also speeds up the process of user’s assignment. You click on the Pencil icon and choose Manage Members. 

 You’ll see the list of the Board and Project Members. Now you can choose a person who will be responsible for the task.

  • By using Shortcuts.

This method is a little tip for you. Mouse over the task and press ‘M’ on your keyboard. You will be opened the pop up with the list of company Members. 

Here is the little homework for you. As you learn a different way to assign a task to a colleague, please, try to use all of them. It helps you to remember the steps of assignment and decide which of it are the most suitable for you. 

As soon as you’ve done it, you can go to next lesson. 

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