Lesson 7. How to change the task status
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Okay! I create a task, assign members and discuss everything on the Earth. Now it’s time to change the task status. Let’s talk more about it. 

There are three main task statuses in Hygger which represent the stages of development or work on your task - To Do, In Progress and Done. 

Status determines the lifecycle of your task, so there are some differences between the status of each type of board. 

  1. Kanban/Sprint board

By default, there are three columns on Kanban and Sprint boards - To Do, In Progress and Done. 

On this board a column represents the working process and status of your tasks. 

Each team, each project has its own set of columns.

Kanban Board Sample: To Do, In Progress, In Review and Done.

Product Backlog: Backlog, Next Up, Specification, Development and Done.

Software Development board: To Do, Development, Testing and Live.

There are a lot of ways to set up the working processes and the way to track the team’s activity. 

If you are not sure how to start you can use Board templates which will show you the way to do it and speed up the process at the beginning. 

To change the status of your task you can drag-and-drop to the column you’d like. The task status will be automatically changed once it’s will be added to another column. 

To speed up the process of moving tasks to the Done column type you can use the option “Mark as Done”. You can see it if you open the three dots menu on the chosen task 

or if you click on the pencil icon of the tasks. 

The button “Mark as Done” will move your task to the Done column and mark it as Completed. 

     2. List board. 

The List board or To Do board has 2 task statuses: To Do and Done/Completed. 

On this board you see the tasks with the status To Do only because the Quick Filter ‘Status - To Do” is switched on by default.

When you complete a task you put the check near the task title and it will be automatically marked as Completed and removed from the board. 

To see the completed task together with uncompleted, just switch off the quick filter.

      3. Timeline

The board itself consists of two blocks: the list of the tasks and the calendar. On the list, you can see task name, task assignee, the percent of tasks completeness and its status icon: “To Do”, “In Progress” and “Done”.

Another way to quickly define the task status is its taskbar on the calendar. 

The status and tasks labels are displayed on it and represent current status.

To change the task status on Timeline you need to open the three dots menu near the task title. You will be opened the pop up with several options, choose “Change Status”. You can choose one of three statuses: “To Do”, “In Progress” and “Done”.

Once you change the task status, the icon and taskbar title will be changed.

Everyone, except Guests, is able to change task status on all boards in Hygger they have access to. 

Now you can play around with sample tasks you were given: open it, read the instruction or some useful information on it and try to change its status on different boards. Try the option “Mark as Done”, “Change task status” and other option you’ll see. You know how to work in Hygger. The last 2 lessons will teach you how to find your tasks and track the activity of your team.  

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