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Lesson 8. How to see your tasks and task of other members
Lesson 8. How to see your tasks and task of other members
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Each Hygger board has Quick Filters that help you to quickly find your tasks on the board. With the help of one of it - My tasks -  we can see all tasks assigned to us.

You click on the filter “My tasks” and tasks assigned to other members will be hidden.  

How to see your tasks on other boards?

If you already set up the process and have more than five boards, it can be a challenge to find your tasks on it. Unless you know about the Search bar. 

On the header you may notice Search bar where you can search task by its description, title or by members assigned to these tasks. Hygger provides you the Quick Links that help you to find your tasks which are in To Do, In Progress and etc. 

Just open the Search bar and choose one of the options. Once you have done it, you will be given the list of tasks that were assigned to you on different boards. 

Search Bar can be also used to see tasks assigned to a project or board.

We are on the finish line - one lesson is left. 

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