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Free plan
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Can you explain the 'free' plan - What do you mean by 50 tasks on the free plan?

When you register your company account, you’ll be on the free plan. You can use Hygger for free for the first 50 tasks after signing up. During that period you can fully explore all the capabilities and features of the platform.

What are the limitations of the free plan?

The free plan is limited only by the number of tasks. You can have 50 tasks and 100Mb storage. 

How 100mb is calculated on the free plan?

100mb is the sum of all attached documents (images, documents and etc) on your company account.

For how long is the free option?

The duration is limited with the time you need to reach the limit of 50 tasks. It can be a month or more. Also, it depends on the deleted tasks. The deleted tasks won’t be counted 7 days after its removal. So if you delete tasks from time to time, you’ll be able to use Hygger for a longer period.

Are the archived tasks counted? What is about the tasks on closed boards?

Yes, archived tasks and tasks from closed boards are counted into total number. 

What is the difference between free and paid plans?

The difference is in the number of tasks you can create on the free plan. There are 50 tasks limit on the free plan.

I have deleted some of my tasks. Why do I still receive the message to upgrade the plan? 

The deleted tasks won't be counted 7 days after its removal, that's why you see the message to upgrade your plan.

Please note it won't help if you have already reached the limit and created 50 tasks.

I want to know if Timeline and Timesheet report enable for the free user?

All Hygger features are available on the free plan. 

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