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How Scrum boards help teams to plan and track progress during each Sprint

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A Scrum board is a work board that may be represented physically or virtually online made up of horizontal (and often vertical) Swimlanes that track the progress of tasks and stories committed to during a Sprint. 

Typically, the Scrum board consists of several progressive columns:

  • Stories - for the list of tasks 

  • To Do - for planned tasks, not yet started

  • In Progress - for tasks started but not yet completed

  • Testing - for tasks in the process of being tested

  • Done - for the tasks that have been successfully tested and competed.

Team members are able to move their work items along the board. 

The members of the Scrum team should change or make adds to the board so that the board provides visual information and control about the work going on.

Scrum board updating during the Daily Scrum meeting keeps all team members focused on the tasks that remain and their priorities.

Sometimes Scrum task boards may include some additional columns.  For example, “Notes”. This column is designed for team's remarks on any topics that are relied on the project. 

Scrum board is a simple and convenient way to visualize the progress of your work. It is irreplaceable for teams that use Scrum methodology to run their projects.

Scrum board in Hygger

In Hygger you'll find cozy and beautiful Scrum boards taht woll empower you to:

  • Plan Sprints. Score features and plan the next Sprint with the Velocity in mind.

  • Run Sprints and track progress. Start Sprints and track their status with teh help of a Burndown Chart and Sprint Progress tracker.

  • Apply Swimlanes and Labels. Categorize your tasks with Swimlanes or Labels and detect blockers and bottlenecks.

  • Estimate tasks and track time. 

  • Use WIP limits. Limit the amount of work in progress and make it easier to identify inefficiency in your team’s workflow. 

  • Analyze Sprints' results. 

  • Align the team with the company's goals. Use Ra timeline to share global plans and closest releases to the whole company.

Ready to implement Scrum methodology? Find out more in a guide How to Do Scrum with Hygger Software.

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