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How to integrate Jira?
How to integrate Jira?
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Integration with Jira is made to connect Hygger and Jira boards by pushing tasks. Push option means that you create new tasks into Jira and create a link between these tasks. Everyone, except Guests, has rights to do it.

To integrate Hygger with Jira, please, open the Company Settings. You will notice the Integration page. There will be a list of tools, and Jira will be among them. You need to click on the ‘Install’ button near the Jira icon.

You will be opened the pop-up where you will be asked to authorize to Jira account. 

Once you type your email and password or use google account to log into you’ll see the permission request. If you agree with it, click “Accept”. 

In case if your email is connected to several accounts, you will be able to choose one of it. 

Now you able to push your Hygger tasks to Jira. Open one of your boards which tasks you want to push. There are two ways to push tasks: 

  • by opening the three dots menu of a task

  • or by clicking the pencil icon on a task

Now choose Jira, then cloud and project you want to push your Hygger task and finally click on the Push button. 

As a result, a new task is created in Jira and the link to this task is attached to Hygger's task under its description (or in the task description in Jira). By clicking the link you will be redirected to Jira task. 

With the help of pushed link the task statuses will be automatically synchronized. Once a pushed task is completed, its parent task will be completed too and moved to the Done column on a Hygger board.

Please note, Hygger executes the script every 2 minutes, so it can take some time to move the parent task to the Done column on a Hygger board. 

To uninstall Jira you need to do the same steps as if you install it: you open the Company Settings, Import page and find Jira in the list. Then you click the “Uninstall” button near its icon. 

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