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Hygger Course №2 - Kanban board
Lesson 7. Export as CSV/Sync to Calendar
Lesson 7. Export as CSV/Sync to Calendar

How to import your board and to synchronize it with Calendar?

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The last thing we wish to tell you is the Export Section on the Board Menu. By clicking the Export you can export your board in CSV format(Excel format) and Synchronize your board with Calendar. 

As soon as you choose the Export option, the file will be downloaded. There will be the main information of the board: tasks name, its link, description, Labels, Start and Due dates and many more. If you want to manage everything in one place and you need to see board tasks on the spreadsheet you can open the Table view. 

Sync to Calendar. 

When you choose Sync to Calendar, you’ll be opened the pop-up, where you can copy the board link and insert it into the Calendar. 

By synchronizing with Calendar you will make sure that you won’t miss any due dates you set up and complete your tasks on time. 

Hygger can be integrated with calendars of ICalendar format( Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, IBM Notes and etc). No more missed deadlines! One less thing to worry about.

Now you know more about Kanban board in Hygger and ready to work on it. Soon we add new courses, so stay tuned. 

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