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Hygger Course №2 - Kanban board
Lesson 1. What is a Kanban board?
Lesson 1. What is a Kanban board?
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Kanban is a visualization tool for managing your working process and defining its bottlenecks.   

KAN means visual, while BAN means cards, which is represented by tasks in Hygger. This method appears in Toyota center and it’s already approved that this method increases the team’s productivity. 

Kanban looks simple enough, even so, it has a huge impact on your efficiency. 

There are three main columns that help you to keep an eye on tasks developing - To Do, In Progress/Doing and Done. 

Visualization of your cards and statuses gives more control on the working processes while its transparency gives the whole picture on the organizational level. 

With developing and expanding all over the world Kanban picked up some extra functionality because of which project management tools can differ from each other. During this course we look deeper on Kanban features in Hygger and the way it helps your company to work collaboratively, evolve experimentally.  

How to create Kanban? 

Just click the plus icon on the header and choose “Board”. You’ll notice 4 different board types that we have discussed in Lesson 2 of the First Course and, of course, Kanban is among them.

Create a blank Kanban board to see it without extra features. Moving through lessons will help you to set up the workflow step by step. So let’s get started. 

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