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Lesson 9. Intercom integration

How to integrate Intercom with Hygger? How it works?

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Intercom is the messaging app to communicate with customers. It’s a great way to review the customers’ needs and to find out what they are missing. Hygger team is using Intercom to collect all customers’ feedback and feature requests. It’s a tool where we help you to better understand Hygger.

Integration with Intercom will transfer all conversations to Backlog, so you don’t need to transfer it one by one. To install the integration, please, open the Company Settings=>Integrations. You may click the Install button near the Intercom app.  

Once you start integration you will be asked to choose the board where you would like to receive all Intercom conversations. Click ‘Save Configuration’ and link your Intercom with Hygger. 

If you’ve done it correctly, all your conversations will be transferred to a chosen board. The task title will be the name of a person who starts the conversation, his message is in the description(you’ll have a link to it). Other messages connected to the conversation will be in the comments. 

By using Intercom integration you won’t waste your time on transferring the customers’ feedback to Hygger Backlog, it’ll be done for you. Now come to Company Settings to start integration, you know everything to manage your Backlog. If you have any questions or need advice on how to set up the working process contact us on Intercom or on Good luck!   

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