Let’s discuss what happened to a board when you create it and try to connect it with the project. 

Please note that Company Owner and Company Admins see all boards/projects or collections you have. Even if you don’t assign them to a board, the board will be visible to them.

Once you create a board and if it wasn’t added any project to it, the board will be added to the ‘Boards’ folder. 

We may call it a Personal board. It will be opened to the creator and assigned by him, members.  

Once you add the board to a project, it becomes the Private one. The same as the personal board, it will be available for the creator and assigned members. 

Regular Employees can’t add a project to the board. If you do, the added project won’t be saved.

Once you click ‘Make public to project’ your board will be available for all project members. 

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