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Welcome to Hygger
Get Started Guide for Employees
Get Started Guide for Employees
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Welcome to Hygger!

Hygger integrates all your processes and projects under one solution and enables collaboration across all your teams.

There are several ways for you to get into Hygger: you can be either invited by your Company Owner, or your account can be imported from another software (Atlassian Jira, Trello). As soon as your Account is set up, you are ready to start working on your Projects.

Browse the Projects

To open your Projects, open the Global menu. There you will see the list of all Projects you are a member of.

In case your Company Admin has assigned you with a Project Member role, you will only see the Project and the public boards belonging to it. If you are a Project Admin, you will also be able to access Project Settings and add new boards. More about managing a Project can be found here.

Under a Project you can see all the boards of which you are a member and all boards that are public to this project. You can add the most frequently used boards to your Favorites list to keep them always at hand.

Work on Tasks

Now that we know how everything is organized in Hygger, let’s start adding and working on tasks. To add a new task, just click the Add a Task button. If you need to assign someone to a task, just @mention him while adding a task name. To move the tasks across the columns, use drag and drop: tap and hold a task and drag it to the necessary position.

You can learn more about the task and its elements here.

Stay Informed

Being a part of a complex project it’s vitally important to track all updates and be aware of the changes. To make sure you don’t miss any detail, use the Overview. There is an Inbox and an Activity Widget there.

Inbox contains notifications you need to pay attention to. Let’s say, your team member has mentioned you in a comment,  your manager has assigned you to a task or you were added as a member to a board. Everything you need to be aware of is stored here.

Activity widget allows you to track task movements and completion. 

Download Hygger Mobile Application

Keep your tasks in your pocket with mobile applications. You can download the app for both Android and iOS platforms and stay productive wherever you are.

What’s Next?

You are all set up to start collaborating with your team members in Hygger! We invite you to have a closer look at our Hygger University, watch our Hygger Tutorial for Beginners or read Hygger Course №1 - The first day in Hygger

If you think that you need a consultation or want to ask us a question, feel free to contact us at

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