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Welcome to Hygger
Create Hygger Account & Company
Create Hygger Account & Company
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Welcome to Hygger! Hygger is a web-based application, so no prior software installations are needed. First of all, sign up for Hygger to create your account.

  1. Enter your company email and check your personal inbox to confirm your email address. If your inbox is empty, make sure to check your spam folder; otherwise, choose the Resend email option to get another invitation;

  2. Once you have confirmed the registration, you will be directed to the Account Creation page;

  3. Fill in all the fields:

  • First Name;

  • Last Name;

  • Password.

Complete the procedure by putting the checkmark and clicking Create Account

As soon as your Account is created you are redirected to Create Company page. 

Fill in the required fields:

  • Company Name;

  • Site URL;

  • Company Size;

  • Software Preferences.

Well done! Your Hygger account and your Company are registered.

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