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Manage your Personal Account
Manage your Personal Account
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To manage your personal account navigate to the upper right corner and click on your personal icon. Select My Profile Settings.

The following actions are available for you:

  • Add / change your account photo;

  • Change your username;

  • Change your password; 

  • Change or Add your phone number;

  • Change Email Notification preferences:

  • Company Profile: Company, Role, Department, Description.

Now let’s have a closer look at the options available.

Add an account photo. Your account photo should meet the specific requirements:

  • format - .jpeg or .png

  • file size - max 20 MB

  • cropped image size - min 30*30 pixels / max 1000*1000 pixels

Edit username. By default, your username is generated from the first letter of your name and your last name. Anyway, you can change your username if needed. Your username should be unique and meet the following requirements:

  • No spaces allowed;

  • Min number of characters - 1; max - 50.

Email notifications. By default, you receive emails every time there's an activity happening in a board/ task that might require your attention. There is a possibility to turn the email notifications off.

Change Email. To change your email address use the corresponding action. Enter a new address, your existing password and confirm it.

Change password. To change the password use the corresponding action. Enter a new password and confirm it.

Company Profile.

You can add more information about yourself and your role in the company. Every time someone mouse over your personal icon on tasks they will see Role, Department and Description you left(your working hours, vacation dates or even hobbies). 

In case if you are registered in several companies you can specify these details for each of the company accounts. 

Delete Account.

If you are a Company Owner or Company Admin you can delete the company account through Company Settings.

Otherwise, please contact our support to delete your account.

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