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Create a new Hygger Project
Create a new Hygger Project
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You have 3 options to create a new project in Hygger:

  • from the Company Settings;

  • from the left menu;

  • from a quick add menu.

1) To create a project from the Company Settings go to the Projects Tab and click Create Project



2) If you want to create a project from the left menu, press + Add project button under all Projects you already have.



Fill in the new project’s name and its short name (in other words, the project’s abbreviation) in the pop-up window. To complete project creation click on the Create button.

If you have projects in Trello or Jira import them to Hygger by clicking on Import Project.

3) You can add a new project from a quick add menu by clicking + icon near a search bar.

Note: only Company Admins and Company Owner can create new projects.

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