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You can easily edit and set up your projects from the project settings tab. In the project settings menu you can edit the project's general information (description, start and due dates, status and its progress) and manage the following project options:

  • Members;

  • Boards;

  • Versions.


On the General tab you can edit the information about the project:

  • change the full and short project's name;

  • specify the project's details - what teams are responsible for it, on what stage is your project, who is responsible Project Manager, etc; 

  • set up the start and due dates;

  • specify Status. By default, you have 2 statuses: Active and Complete. Create a new one or import them from another project if needed;

  • change the Progress rate while you are working on this project

  • archive a project. Onceit's archived, the project will be removed from board settings with all of its’ tasks. To restore the project, go to the Company Settings tab and find the Archived Project button. Choose the necessary project and click “Unarchive” to restore it.

To manage and edit the project’s members use the Members tab. Click the Add members button to add a new member to the project. On the pop-up window you will see a list of all the members, that are not included in the project yet. You can choose several members at a time. You can edit the member's roles by hovering over their current role and choosing the necessary one from the drop down. Use the Remove button to remove a member from the project participants.

On Boards tab you can add, close, reopen and generally manage the boards. You can filter the boards you see e.g. by board type or you can choose to see a list of only active or closed boards.

To reopen a board click on its name and choose the correspondent option.

On the Versions tab you can manage versions, track progress and perform releases.

You can filter the versions by their status: Released or Unreleased. Under Released versions you will also see the release date. Progress of each version is counted automatically. Basically it represents the ratio between the Done tasks and all the tasks related to the version.

Besides, near each version you can see the action menu. For unreleased tasks the following options are available: Release, View Tasks, Remove.

When you release a version all the tasks belonging to it are closed automatically and no further actions can be performed with them. You will find them on the Released Tasks tab on the board menu. Once the version is released, you cannot assign it to other tasks anymore.

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