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Import from Trello
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It is possible to import the data from Trello upon registering on the Start Options page, as well as through the Company settings Import Tab.

Go to the Company settings, choose Import > Import Trello. Press Trello connects in order to launch the process. The system will require permission from Hygger to use your Trello account. If you have several accounts and the system has chosen the wrong one, you can switch between your accounts by clicking the Switch Account button.

After authorization, you will be redirected to choose the projects to be imported. Select the necessary projects and click Continue.

Since there are no distinct categories of the columns in Trello, you will have to distribute them according to their types. All the archived boards will also be imported.

Please note that Trello does not share the users’ email addresses, that is why you will have to type them manually.

If one of the invited members already has a Hygger account, you will be offered to merge the information that already exists with the imported data.

You can track the import progress on the progress bar. If needed, you can cancel the import process, but bear in mind that the imported data will be lost.

As soon as the import process is complete, you will receive a notification. Your imported projects will be available in the global menu.

You can learn how Trello elements are transferred into Hygger from Trello Migration Guide.

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