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The Time Tracking report displays all the work logs of your employees and allows you to track the hours spent on tasks and projects.

To open the Time Tracking report press the Reporting button on top of the page.

By default, you will see the report for all your projects (even Archived ones). You can filter the data by projects, member groups (if any) and time period. You can see the worklogs for a certain project, for all projects or no project. No project filter is intended for the tasks that are not assigned to any projects.

By default, you see the data in an aggregated view: the hours spent by each member on a project. It’s important to note that the report contains information only for the employees who track their time in tasks, so the members who do not enter their work logs will not be on the report.

To make the report more detailed tick Show Tasks and Show Work Logs check boxes, and you will see the certain project tasks each employee was working on, the time spent on a certain project task and a comment to see what exactly was the member working on.

You can also see the total hours spent on the tasks daily by each member:

As well as the total amount of time spent by each member on the project and a certain task within a project for the chosen period:

You can export Timesheet data into CSV file.

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