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How To Use Hygger Like A Pro
How To Use Hygger Like A Pro
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It’s quite simple to use Hygger but we would like to share with you little hacks you that will make your working process much faster.

1. Drag Board To Scroll

That is easy as it sounds. Just find an open place on the board, click and hold, and drag left or right to scroll the board. That's much better than spending time looking for a scrollbar and dragging it around.

2. Easily Add Members To A New Task 

When creating a new task on the board you can easily assign members right to the task. Just start typing "@" and their name in the field with task’s name and you'll get suggestions.

3. Add Task From Another Board On Timeline

By using the Link option you can quickly search items from other boards and add them to Timeline and by that create a dependency between these tasks. The task on Timeline won’t be copied but linked to the original one. The Project option allows adding a project as a task to Timeline. 

4. Add Task To Checklist

Need to add some tasks to a checklist? Simply copy its link and insert it to the checklist item field. It will be shown as a smart link, which is helpful for tracking the current task’s status. With the help of it, you can create subtasks.

5. Number Of Tasks, Estimated Hours, Story Points In Column's Header

You can easily see the total amount of the story points, estimated hours and tasks in a column header. Switch between those indicators with one click.

6. Recently Closed Task Is Highlighted

Have a bunch of items on the board and accidentally closed an open task? Calm down, you will easily find it as it will be highlighted among other tasks.

7. Quick Filter: Recently Updated

Which tasks are considered as recently updated? Those, which have any change in the last 24 hours. With the help of this feature, you will be able to see new tasks, tasks that were moved, completed, etc.

8. Drag, Drop And Paste Attachments

You can drag and drop various files from your desktop to a task to upload them. Whether it’s an image, PDF file or some budget report in Excel.

Also, you can insert a copied image to a task by clicking Ctrl+V(on Windows) or Cmd ⌘+V (on Mac). 

9. Google Drive And Dropbox

Besides your PC you can upload files directly from your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. Open a task, click a clip icon and select "Dropbox" or "Google Drive". Log into your account if you aren't already, and select your files. There’s no need to make additional movements. Those files will be already attached to a task.

10. Reply All

Having a discussion of some upcoming features in the comments with your teammates? It may be a bit annoying to include each person to your message manually every time you share with them your opinion. Forget that, just use Reply All option which automatically adds everyone who was mentioned in a comment to your reply.

11. Comment Savings. 

You accidentally closed the task while typing the comment. Don't worry! Your comment was saved as a draft. Reopen your task to see it. 

12. Quick Add Column

Quickly create a new column with a double-click on any free space on the board.

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