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GitHub Integration

How to integrate GitHub with Hygger?

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GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. With the help of the integration between Hygger and GitHub, you can automatically attach your commits and pull requests directly to Hygger tasks.

To set up Github integration, open the Board’s menu and click the GitHub icon. You will be asked to authorize in your GitHub account. After authorization, you will be redirected to choose a repository, to which you will connect Hygger. You can choose as many repositories as you need, as well as remove the unnecessary ones.

Please note that only the members with a Company Owner or Company Admin role can set up the integration. Once set up, anyone can use the integration.

To connect a commit to Hygger task, specify task’s key to the commit message when committing, e.g. a commit with a comment HYGGE-6674 will be attached to Hygger task with a key HYGGE-6674. As soon as the changes are committed, Hygger task is automatically updated.

To connect your GitHub pull requests to Hygger, specify Hygger short name of the task in the title of a pull request. Pull requests’ list is available under the commits in the task.

To remove GitHub integration, click the GitHub icon and choose the Uninstall Plugin.

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