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To promptly find any task use global search. It searches for a task across all the boards, including the closed ones and across all projects (In accordance with your permissions). To start the search type the keyword into the search bar.

The search is based on the matches of the keyword with task names and/or task descriptions. To make the search easier and faster, you can also apply filters located on the left search panel. Quick Links will show your tasks from different boards with one of the proposed statuses.
Once you open the Search bar, the following filters can be applied:

  • Members;

  • Projects;

  • Boards;

  • Task Status;

  • Due Date;

  • Score.

Filter values are based on your current permission role.

Search results can be sorted by the following parameters:

  • Creation date;

  • Update date;

  • Score;

  • Status;

  • Due Date;

  • Version.


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