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1st July, 2020 Release
1st July, 2020 Release

Google SSO, Subscribe to a board/column, Saved view of Timeline

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Google SSO

The beneficial and the must-have feature of all PMT is the Single Sign Out. SSO gives you the access control of multiple independent software systems, so you can easily move from one platform to another without re-authentication.

Google SSO allows you to sign up into Hygger and to quickly create an account.

Please note, it should be a Google account tied to your company domain. If you don’t have it, you can still sign up with your personal Google account.

Google SSO is the enterprise plan feature, so if you are on a Standard plan, you need to upgrade it.

Once you create the company and invite your members, you can set the authentications rules.

On the Company Settings, you will be opened the General page. Here you will see the Authentication section.

There are two options for it:

  • Members may log in with a Hygger account and password

  • Members must log in with their Google Account

By default, the first option will be on.

Company Owner and Admin can change this setting and choose the second option: Members must log in with their Google Account. You need to put a check in front of it.

Once it’s done, any passwords associated with your Members’ Hygger accounts will no longer work, and they will be required to use Google SSO.

Subscribe to a column

To get notified about the changes on a column you can subscribe to it. You’ll get the same notifications as if you subscribe to the board.

To subscribe to the column, please, open the three dots menu and put check in front of the Subscribe button.

Once you’ve done it, you will be acknowledged if your colleagues:

  • create a new task

  • move/push/copy a task to the column or to its sub-column(for Composite columns)

  • delete a task

  • archive/unarchive a task

  • add/change/edit Due Dates

  • Leave comment

  • Add/Delete a checklist item

  • Attach a photo or a document

Now you can subscribe to a task, column and board to get notifications about the key changes on it.

Subscription to the Board

Recently Hygger has the option “Subscribe to Board”, but there weren’t any notifications about board changes. Now we are proudly announcing that the bug was fixed. When you subscribe to the board, you’ll get the notifications the same as for the option 'Subscribe to the column".

Now to be notified about the board changes and be acknowledged about team’s activity on it, open the Board Menu and click ‘Subscribe’.

Saved view of Timeline

You have a Project Planning Roadmap, and you need to see the projects developing by quarters. If you choose this view on Timeline and open another board, the quarter view will be saved. It means if you reopen the board, it’ll be opened on the Quarter view(or on other views you left it).

No need to change the Timeline view every time you close it.

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