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What is the difference between Projects and Collections?
What is the difference between Projects and Collections?
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Project unites boards related to the project. With the Project folder you can collect the Development board, Backlog, Timeline, To-Do List connected to it. 

Multiple projects per board. 

You can assign several projects to a board. What does it mean and how to manage it, please, read here


Collection is represented by boards of certain criteria. For example, you can use it to group Timeline; Clients from different states or regions, by teams or departments. Collection allows you to easily navigate between numerous boards and projects and quickly find the boards you need, for example, boards related to Marketing or Content Department.   

Members Assignment

Collection. Regular Employees see collection boards they have access to. It means that if you add  colleagues to 2 out of 5 boards, only these 2 boards will be available for them.

Project. Board can be private or public to a project.
If a board is private, it will be visible to those Regular Employees that were added to the board and the person who created it.
Once you make the board public, all project members will have access to it.
It means that you don’t need to assign them to each board, it’s enough to make it ‘public to a project’. 

Delete option. 

You can delete collections as it won’t affect boards in it. While the project can be archived only

Use Cases

Let’s discuss some examples of how you can use your Projects and Collections. 

  • In case if you have different projects/products and you invite different teams(Development, Marketing, Product and Project Managers, etc.).                 Use Projects for projects/products itself and collection for each team.                     If you don’t want your colleagues to see each other do the opposite, Projects are Development, Marketing, Product and Project Managers, while Collection - your projects

  • If your workflow connected to customers, you can use Projects to separate boards connected to them. Meanwhile, collections can be used to gather boards by the customer’s country/region they are from, company sizes

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