Lesson 5. Time tracking

Log Work, Hours Estimated, Time tracking report and Harvest integration

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Now it’s time to talk about the time you theoretically and actually spend on your tasks. When you start working, you can acknowledge your team lead about the approximate time you need to complete it. How to do it? By Hours estimate. It allows you not only to share the time you think you spend on a task but also it’s your time boundary that won’t let you stretch task completeness for years.  

Open one of your tasks to add hours estimated. There will be the Add button with Hours Estimate in the list. Click it and type the approximate time you need to complete this activity. 

Don’t worry if you put the wrong time, you can always change it by clicking on the “Change Hours Estimate”.

The same steps you may do to remove hours from the tasks. 

As you set up the time you think the activity would take, you can log the actual time you are spending on it. There is another option is in the Add button list - Log Work. Also, the button “Log Work” will appear on the task together with the estimated hours. When you log the time you are able to choose the date you log it, the time itself and leave a comment. 

Why do you need to leave the comment? You inform what have you done during this time. To leave or not depends on the team’s demands and the complexity of a task. 

All logged time of a task will be displayed on Time Section. Here you’ll see:

  • the person who logged time,

  • how much time were added,

  • and when it was logged. 

Time section tracks all logged time so you can make sure that you haven’t logged time twice or if you forget to do it. In case if you, however, logged time twice or put the wrong number, you can edit or delete it. 

To have an overview of all log works of all tasks and projects you have Hygger has a Reporting. You may notice its icon on the Hygger header, near the personal icon. 

There are two options: Completed and Time Tracking. We will discuss Completed one a little bit later.  Time Tracking report looks this way:

Logged work are grouped by the projects, so you can use filters to see the one you need. It’s possible to filter log work by projects, boards, period, members and their groups. 

If a board is not assigned to a project, it will be grouped into “No projects”.

Time tracking report calculates the total number of hours spent by each of your members on each project and the total sum of hours spent on it by all project members.  

Show Tasks and Show Log Works give you advanced time tracking report. Check the box near Show Tasks and you’ll see project tasks on which you or your colleagues are working, while activated Show Log Works displays the comment you leave on Log Work. 

Only when you check box of Show Tasks you will be able to see log works.

Regular Employees see log work of projects and its members only if they are assigned to it.
Company Owner and Admin have rights to see log work of all company projects.  

Besides Hygger time tracking features there is a Harvest integration for those who need a timer. Harvest is a time-tracking tool which helps you to track time for any task without leaving Hygger. It can be integrated on the Board Menu. Once you’ve installed, it will be a Harvest “Track time” button on tasks. You can read more about the Harvest integration on FAQ. 

Not that complicated as you thought. We have two lessons left. 

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