Lesson 6. Slack integration
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This lesson is made for those who are using Slack on a regular basis. If you don’t use it and you are not interested to start using it, jump to the last lesson of the second course

What is Slack? It’s a communication platform that allows teams to communicate with each other. Hygger team is using Slack too as it helps us to be informed about company news or share information between departments.

Meanwhile, Integration with Slack can be used to be notified about the board changes. How to get notifications on the email read on Lesson 9 of the first course. 

You can integrate Hygger with Slack on the board Menu. There will be a list of tools and you may notice Slack icon on the top of it. 

On the opened pop up you’ll be asked to authorize into a Slack Workspace where you would like to receive notifications.

If your email is connected to several workspaces, you will be able to choose one of it and click Install. If you have done it correctly, Hygger will be added to the App list and you will be opened the Setup Slack Integration.

You choose the channel or direct message which person where you would like to see the notifications on the Slack Settings. Additionally, you can choose what kind of changes you want to be informed about. 

When everything is defined, click Done. 

After all you can edit and reduce the number of Slack notifications by clicking on Slack icon on the Board Menu. It will be the Edit button near the channels name. On the same pop-up you can uninstall the plugin if needed. 

Lastly, we are ready to reveal you one more Hygger tip on this course. 

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