Lesson 3. WIP Limits
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Another Kanban distinctive feature is WIP Limit - an acronym that stands for Work in Progress Limit. WIP limits allow you to set the number of tasks that your team can move to the "In Progress" column. 

By defying the maximum and the minimum number of tasks in progress you draw the attention of your team on the tasks that are already in progress and prevent them from adding more tasks to it. 

There is an option “Change WIP limit’ on the three dots menu of the column. Click on it and set up the max and min value for a column. The same steps can be done to remove WIP. 

How to understand that you’ve done it correctly? You’ll see the message “1 task over the limit/ 3 more tasks needed” under the column name. It will show you if you are able to move more tasks or it’s enough and you need to check what stops your team from moving further and complete it. 

The WIP Limit depends on your team. For example, you have 3 developers, you can set up the minimum value as two and the maximum - 4. You will track the team’s work and see which of teammates are overwhelmed with tasks and which of them should be assigned on more tasks. 

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