Lesson 4. Checklists
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If you read the first course you may know about the task and its elements. However, we haven’t discussed the checklist which is an inseparable part of Hygger Kanban board. 

Checklist can significantly change your productivity level and the way your work is done. Also, you will be sure that everything is done correctly. 

To create a checklist open your task and click on the Add button. You will notice the Checklist on the list. Once you click it, you will be able to give a name and add it to the task. 

There are two options - create a checklist item or add tasks to it. To add an item to the checklist you click on the same-named button under the list and type what activity should be done to complete a task.

Anytime you can convert your checklist item to a task if needed. Please, open the three dots menu in front of an item and choose “Convert as a Task”. Also, you can remove the item by opening its menu. 

The button “Add a task” include already existing tasks as a checklist item. By adding a task you’ll see its board, name and status. Adding an existing task to a checklist show your team the connection with other activities on the same or other boards. 

Add a task button shows the dependency between tasks. In case if two different people are assigned to dependent tasks, they will see the development of the other one. The changes in tasks position or its status will be reflected on the task link. If a task is completed, it will be crossed out. 

If added tasks have the estimated hours in it, it will be displayed on the checklist. On the top of the checklist(near its name) it will be the sum of all hours estimated. 

Once you add items and tasks to the checklist, you are ready to work on it. Tick the check-box to complete an item you’ve done. 

If you have quite a huge list, you can always hide the completed items, so they won’t deflect your attention. Checklist has the “Hide Completed Tasks” button on the top of it. 

You can delete your checklist if needed. Just click the Delete button and the checklist will be removed from the task. 

Now you can play around with Hygger tasks. If you forget something about tasks elements, you can refresh your memory by reading the lesson of the first course

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