Lesson 8. Push option

How to connect Backlog with other boards?

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Besides the prioritization settings and Priority Matrix, another backlog-specific Hygger feature is a Push option. Push option means that you link the Backlog task on another board.

There are 3 ways to push your tasks:

  • Open your task and click the three dots menu. 

  • By clicking the pencil icon of a task

  • The push option of the column. Click on the three dots menu and choose ‘Push All tasks’. 

You can push tasks to a new board or to an already existing board. 

By pushing tasks you track the development of your idea. The original and pushed tasks will be linked, so you can the task status. It helps you not to lose sight of your idea and create a connection between Backlog and Development boards. 

The Push option will also synchronize your tasks. It means that as soon as you complete the pushed task, the parent task will be automatically completed on Backlog. If you push the idea to several boards, it will be completed once all pushed tasks will be moved to the Done column. 

So you can collect your tasks on Backlog, prioritize it and define the most profitable tasks for your project. Then you push them to the Development board, so your team can develop it and you will see the stages of work. You can be sure that your ideas won’t be put in a drawer. Now you are ready to manage Backlog in Hygger.

If you use Intercom, you can go to the next lesson. If no, it’s the last lesson for you. See you next time. 

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