Lesson 7. Weighted Scoring
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Weighted Scoring is a unique prioritization technique as only Hygger has it. This technique is an advanced version of Value/Effort rate. Weighted Scoring is calculated with the additional criteria you add to Value and Effort rates. 

By using Weighted Scoring you rate tasks with added criteria and then the final score is calculated by formula Value - Efforts(the sum of criteria you add). You should use this method only if you have already your vision of prioritization and criterion to rate tasks. 

Once you choose Weighted Scoring you will see the settings under it. 

It works in the following way. You create your own criterion with its own scale (0..10, general number, T-Shirt size, USD/EUR, yes/no)

By default you can use 3 additional criteria for both Value and Effort to rate tasks. Click on one of them to edit or delete it. On the pop up you can choose its name, description(so your team gets more details about the new criteria), date type(how you will rate) and Scoring Direction. 

Now the new criteria will be added to your task. Then you evaluate features by these criteria, so each idea is calculated the final score. 

The table view shows the list of all the ideas so you can choose the winners. The same as in ICE and RICE - you draw attention on tasks with highest score.

Now you know more about the prioritization types and you can choose one of it and start using. 

As we know how to prioritize tasks, it’s time to learn how to move it to a board where you will work on it and see its development. Hygger has the Push option to link your tasks from Backlog and other boards. So what are the advantages of Push option over the Copy, Move or Tasks Links?

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