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Lesson 2. Prioritization
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Well done! We have organized our Backlog, now it’s time to switch on the prioritization and rate tasks. 

Prioritization is available on each board type, so you can rate tasks on the same board you are working on. 

The prioritization settings are on the board menu. Open it and click the Prioritization. 

You’ll see a huge pop-up with 6 prioritization types. Cool down and don’t panic. We will explain the role of each of them. That looks complicated at first sight, but then you will find your own way to define the most urgent tasks and use the Weighted Scoring. 

Go too fast?! Okay! Let’s start from the beginning. 

Prioritization is an instrument aimed to define the most valuable tasks in accordance with importance at this stage of work and spend resources and then visualize them. Depending on the prioritization you choose you will compare the value of tasks depending on two criteria or by getting the final score you will see which tasks should be worked on. 

Hygger provides you with 6 different prioritization methods, each of them has their own way to rate and prioritize your ideas. Later the Eisenhower Matrix, Value/Risk and Value/Effort Matrix will be grouped into 2x2 Priority Matrix in the list on the Board menu.

If you are a freshman in prioritization, you can start with a Value/Effort rate. In case if you have your own way to rate tasks you can use Weighted Scoring on which you create additional criteria to the Value/Effort rate.

Before you choose one of the methods, let’s look closer on each of them and discuss the way it helps you to prioritize tasks. You can use several methods at once or just one of them.

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