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How to connect tasks with each other?
How to connect tasks with each other?

How to link tasks from different boards or to show dependency?

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There are different ways to connect your tasks and show their dependency. Let’s discuss each of them. 

1. Push option.

When you push tasks you link tasks as if you have created the same task copy on another board/boards. This option allows you to track the status of the parent and pushed tasks. Why Push option is useful?

Once your pushed tasks will be completed, the parent task will be automatically completed and moved to the Done column. You can read more on Course 3 Lesson 8

2. Link option (Timeline board)

To see your tasks from Kanban board (or other boards) on Timeline, you can use the Link option

Click on it and insert a task link or put a task title. By using this option you synchronize your tasks: every change made on one task will be displayed on another one. 

3. Dependency

The same as the Link option it’s available for Timeline board only. By using dependency you can visually mark the connection between tasks on a board. 

Open the task and click on the 'Add' button. You may notice ‘Dependency’, choose the dependent task and one of the dependency types. 

4. Task Link

The task link will visually show the link between your tasks, it will be displayed under the description. By using the task link you can track the status of the child or parent task.

By default there are 3 task links are set up on your account. You can create your own pair of dependency on the Company Settings=>General=>Tasks Links

5. Checklist.

There are two options for a checklist - you can create a new item and you can add an already existing task as a checklist item. By using checklist you divide bigger tasks on smaller ones and show what should be done to complete it. 

If the added tasks have the estimated hours and logged time, you’ll see its total sum in front of the checklist name.

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