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6 May, 2020 Release
6 May, 2020 Release


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Recently Timesheet report icon was replaced with the Reporting one. Let’s figure out what it means for you and your company. ​

On Reporting you may see reports of the team capacities and their workloads. Reporting is divided into several sections - Completed, In Progress, Team Points, Time tracking and Time estimated vs Tracked.


On Completed section you can track all completed tasks of a project or all projects you create. Depending on the filters you choose you will have the number of tasks completed by each of your company users for a certain period of time.

By clicking the user’s icon you will see the tasks title, its board and project and Lead Time with a ‘Completed on’ date. Lead time shows you how much time the user spent to complete the tasks since it was created on the board, while ‘Completed on’ shows the date when the task was moved to the Done column.

By default, you see completed tasks grouped by users. Once you remove the checkmark in front of the ‘Group by people’, you will be given a list of tasks completed(its Lead time and Completed on date) for the chosen period of time.

If you are a Regular Employee, you may observe tasks from the boards you have access to. Even if you see users from other projects or boards, their completed tasks won’t be visible to you.

In Progress

This section is the same as the ‘Completed on’. You have a list of all tasks that are in progress. The only difference is that you will have ‘Started on’ date instead of the ‘Completed on’, so you can track which of your tasks should be focused on as they are in progress for a long time.

Team Points

On the Team Points section you may observe the number of all the comments added, tasks completed, cleared notifications and prioritized tasks. Cleared notifications are notifications from the Inbox which you have read and archived by clicking the checkmark.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Report displays all the work logs of your employees. It is also known as Timesheet report in Hygger. You track time logged and spent on the particular project by assigned project members. The logged time are grouped by projects. There will be not only time logged by each member per day, but you also see the total hours spent by all members on a certain project. How to track and log time in Hygger read here.

Time Estimated vs Tracked

The last section you may notice is Time estimated vs Tracked. In this report you will be able to see the total number of logged work and hours estimated.

It allows you to see the ratio between them, as the performance rate will be calculated.

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