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1st September, 2020 Release
1st September, 2020 Release

Quick Search Filter - Created by me, Estimated/Tracked time on checklist, Group tasks operation and Days left till Due date

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Quick Search Filter - Created by me

Here is a new quick filter for you on the Search bar. By using it you may quickly find the task created by you on numerous boards, collections or projects.

Estimated/Tracked time on Checklist

As it was mentioned in one of our lessons checklists show your team the connection with other activities on the same or other boards and allow divide bigger tasks on a smaller one.

Hygger team has added a new option to the Hygger checklist. When you select a task as a checklist item you will see not only its status and board(with swimlane and column), but you will be also displayed the estimated hours(12h) and your logged work(1h).

In case if you add several tasks, it will be the sum of estimated and tracked hours near the checklist name. You will be able to calculate the total hours which will be spent on the parent task and see if this time was calculated correctly.

Group tasks operation on the Table view

There is a new option on the table view of a board - Batch Edit. You may notice it at the bottom of the page.

Batch Edit is the same as Group tasks operations, it means that you can change several tasks at once.

So how does it work?

Open the Table view and click “Batch Edit.

Once you’ve done, the task sequence numbers will be changed on the empty boxes. Choose a task/tasks you would like to edit and choose one of the operations you need.

To ease the tasks searching you can use the Quick filters or sort tasks by swimlanes, members, labels or other columns.

If you create a custom field, there will be a new column represented it on the Table view.

Once you choose tasks from the list you will be opened the pop-up with the group tasks operations: from edit members to delete tasks. Also, you’ll see the number of tasks you have chosen.

Once you have done everything you need, just click on Exit Batch Edit, and the pop-up with group operations will be hidden.

Days left till Due date

When you set up the Due Date, you will see the days left till the chosen date.

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