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How to manage GIST-Planning in Hygger?
How to manage GIST-Planning in Hygger?
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GiST-Planning as an acronym consists of 4 blocks: Goals, Ideas, Step-projects and Tasks. 

First of all, goals define the strategy of the project. These goals answer the main questions your colleagues, employees or stakeholders have - what we are doing and why.

Goals are collected on Timeline. Create a group on Timeline and name as one of them, thereby gathering ideas by the goal they help to achieve. 

Then you can collect your ideas on Kanban board and call it Backlog. You gather all project ideas and prioritize it by using one of the prioritization types: Value/Effort, Value/Risk, Weighted Scoring, the Eisenhower matrix, ICE or RICE. You can even modify the 2x2 Prioritization Matrix to the way you would like to rate your tasks with. Swimlanes the same as Groups will represent your goals.

You can push the most valuable ideas to Kanban/Sprint. It will look like if you create the same copy of the Backlog task and the parent and pushed task will be linked. It means that tasks will be linked with ideas. 

Why Push? Once your pushed task completed on Kanban or Sprint, it will be completed on Backlog and moved to the Done column.  

Once you choose ideas that help you to achieve your goals and push it to the Development board, you can add it to Timeline. There is the Link option on Timeline. Once a task will be updated on one board it will be changed automatically on another one. 

If you need to compare tasks date with Project time frame, you can add Project as a task via Project option. On the Project Settings, you can define the project statuses and it's possible to create your own status. Project statuses will represent your step-projects.  

To link your tasks with each other you can use Dependencies (on Timeline), Task Links(open the task=>Add..=>Dependency).

Well done. You are ready to share it with your management, team lead or client. The first way is to export your Timeline in PDF format and then to send it via email, messengers or print. The other way to share it and get the feedback you can invite them as Guests. They will review your board with tasks and leave the comment if needed. 

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